"Elma Linz Kanefield is a visionary, particularly with regard to the therapeutic treatment of performing artists. In the 35 years I have known Elma, she has consistently impressed me as a leader, a therapist’s therapist, who has that rare ability to confront a problem, none too small or too large, and then sensitively and jointly construct an approach toward resolution. Elma’s enormous commitment and energy are then directed toward resolution and it is here, whether she is working collaboratively with individuals or institutions, that Elma routinely produces amazing results. Her brilliance, her artistry, lies in her talent for reaching the inner convictions of each of her clients and enabling hope, confidence, and a belief in the possibility of positive change. I witnessed the impact of her positive influence when we first met many years ago as team members at the Institute of the Performing Artist just as I do now as we work on creating the best Counseling Service possible for the Juilliard School, a service she herself began. I have never known a more giving and caring person in our shared profession and I strongly recommend Elma to any individual or group seeking help in the process of realizing one’s full potential."
~ William Buse
PhD, LCSW, Director of Counseling
The Juilliard School
"Performers need a safe space in which to grow as people and artists. Elma Linz Kanefield’s approach to performers takes in the whole person in a way that allows them to explore their own personal and professional potential in a context of complete privacy and mutual respect."
~ Brian Zeger
Executive Director, Metropolitan Opera Lindemann Young Artist Development Program
Artistic Director, Juilliard Vocal Arts Department
"Based upon our collegial association of 10 years and knowledge of her work as a psychotherapist, seminar leader and consultant, I recommend Elma Linz Kanefield, LCSW without reservation. For over 35 years, she has specialized in the psychological treatment of the performing artist in New York City. Initially, in her private practice and as a team member of The Institute of the Performing Artist and then as the Founding Director of the Counseling Services at The Juilliard School. Ms. Kanefield is viewed as a pioneer in her professional specialty and has written articles and conducted workshops that reflect her original contributions to the unique treatment issues facing the performing artist. Her knowledge of the artist world – her passion and commitment to our creatives – has been one of unswerving dedication."
~ Louise DeCosta, PhD, LCSW
Former Director – The Institute of the Performing Artist
Affiliations: The Postgraduate Psychoanalytic Institute, NYC
Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology, NYC
"Over several decades, Elma Linz Kanefield has worked with performers achieving transformational results. Because of her unique approach to artists and their families, she has gained clear insight into the lifestyle of performers and their special issues. Using a small stage, she stimulates performing experiences, in addition to using her skilled psychotherapeutic method. My patients have benefited enormously from working with her."
~ Dr. Len Horvitz M.D.
Internist and Lung Specialist
Director, Carnegie Medical P.C.