Performance Potential


Performance Potential

strikes a different chord for each of you
your performance potential is very personal
that possibility you have inside,
a stretch… a living up to… a reach…
that special greatness,
a uniqueness
something that perhaps you have never even dared to say aloud

Performance Potential Master Classes are the creation of Elma Linz Kanefield. Ms.Kanefield conducts her Master Classes by motivating artists to become aligned with who they are, with what they do and how they perform. As a licensed therapist and a certified professional life coach, she has integrated her clinical abilities with her coaching skills to help Master Class participants connect their intangible insights to their tangible gifts, goals and actions. By focusing on each artist’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors, Ms. Kanefield brings about both internal and external change to empower performers in her Master Classes to live up to their performance potential on stage and off.


Hear from Elma about her Master Class on the Broadway’s Backbone podcast, a podcast dedicated to the men and woman of the ensemble: the chorus of dancers, singers, and actors that are the foundation of every Broadway musical.  Hosted by Brad Bradley, a Broadway Performer himself, who has worked with most of the guests.  This podcast is in honor of the folks of the ensemble and the people who work with them.

Also, listen to Elma about her Master Class on the Arts for Every Life podcast hosted by Alice Smetheram, Creative Manager at the Dr. Phillips Center in Orlando, Florida:



Elma Linz Kanefield, LCSW, CPC, PLLC

Connection, confidence, curiosity & creativity are the sounds of inner harmony.

“As a Performance Potential Master Coach, whether engaged with artists in an individual session or in a Master Class, I want them to gain a conscious awareness of the effect that their histories have on who they are and how they perform in life and, in particular, on stage, and to become empowered to listen to that voice within that moves them forward to bring to life their unique performance potential and create a lifetime of sustainable, successful, authentic performances on stage & off.”

As Creator and Founding Director of The Counseling Services at The Juilliard School and in her private psychotherapy and coaching practices, Elma Linz Kanefield, LCSW, CPC, PLLC developed a specialization in the psychology of the performing artist.

For over 30 years, Ms. Kanefield has worked exclusively with hundreds of actors, dancers, musicians, and vocal artists from all over the world and from all ages and stages of their careers.

Not only has Elma Linz Kanefield written on, and lectured about, her specialization, but her pioneering career and expertise has been written about and quoted in The New York Times, Time Magazine, The US and Canadian Opera News, In Style Magazine, The Daily News and other trade publications.

Elma Linz Kanefield conceived of Performing Arts Therapy to help performers heal the pain and resolve the problems of past trauma through gaining intangible insights into themselves and an understanding of their worlds.

She developed Performance Potential Coaching to empower them to move beyond problems toward present and future possibilities and opportunities to create the success they want in their lives and in the profession they love. A licensed clinical psychotherapist, Ms. Kanefield expanded her repertoire of services to become an ICF-accredited coach, as she views coaching to be a natural extension of her work in psychotherapy.


For many performing artists, a Master Class is a traditional form of learning that is both comfortable and familiar. It is led by a respected expert in a given art form and is an opportunity for artists to both perform and receive a response to their performance as a way to improve and grow artistically and creatively. Performance Potential Master Classes reflect this model.

Each Performance Potential Master Class is a combination of teaching, coaching and innovative, interactive exercises and experiences.

A Performance Potential Master Class Workbook is given to each participant to enhance the educational and coaching process.


    Other pioneering concepts foundational to every Master Class include:

  • Mastery Mindset
  • De-energizing Beliefs
  • Performance Potential Goals
  • “How you perform one thing is how you perform everything.”


“Master Class Moments” are individualized coaching opportunities. A Master Class participant is coached on a special area of performance during the Master Class with the entire class observing and experiencing the life-changing transformations that often occur.

All challenges, topics and/or themes are welcome. The performers’ art forms are fundamental to the classroom language. Performers use music, dance, drama and the vocal arts to inform their learning and coaching experiences.
Each Master Class is designed to support each artist’s unique performance potential both on stage and off, and perchance, become greater than ever imagined.


The Energy Leadership Index Assessment. The (ELI) is an attitudinal assessment that provides artists with two visual and quantitative performance profiles. The first is a quantitative visualization of the performer’s current performance profile under “normal life circumstances.” The second, under “stressful conditions.” As their attitudes, perceptions and world views change throughout the Master Classes, their overall energy, attitudes and profiles change as well. All results are confidential. Each performer will be individually debriefed on his/her individual results.

Individual Performance Potential Coaching Sessions are available. Each performing artist may have a private 45-minute coaching session. The coaching focus will be for the application and integration of the group work at an individual level that will apply directly to the performing artist life.

Performance Energy


uplifting, optimistic, fueling, healing, charismatic spirit of success and greatness

A repertoire of 6 performance-enhancing thoughts

possibility & opportunity-focused

Special feelings associated with performance accomplishments

feelings that give power to live greatness anywhere, any time,
on stage and off

An octave of performance characteristics

Consciousness, Choice, Commitment, Confidence,
Curiosity, Creativity, Calm, Connection

When performing artists practice Performance Energy, they realize, fulfill and bring to life their unique performance potential on stage and off and perchance, become greater than ever imagined.

A Master Class Experience

Performance Energy

is the central motif of Performance Potential Master Classes.

You are invited to “work” The Performance Energy Profile Wheel 
and have a Performance Potential Master Class experience.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?
practice, practice, practice…

How do you live up to your performance potential?
practice, practice, practice… .

      Performance Energy

Performance Energy is composed of
8 performance characteristics
that form an Octave of Hi C’s

Each of these 8 performance characteristics brings beauty and dignity to any stage of life but on stage, each is magical.

The more integrated and organic they are, the more Performance Energy you have available to you.

Together they empower you to live up to your performance potential.

An Octave of Hi C’s
Performance Energy Characteristics
And Their Overtones



awareness, mindfulness, responsiveness, focus, concentration, attentiveness,
alertness, clarity, reflection


openness, observation, fearlessness, vulnerability, awe, wonder, insight, exploration, communication


empowerment, freedom, possibility, opportunity, purpose, meaning, intention


expression, intuition, inspiration, virtuosity, genius, reinvention, innovation, vision, humor, improvisation


engagement, dedication, passion, generosity, loyalty, trustworthiness, enthusiasm, intensity, discipline


inner-peace, satisfaction, pleasure, joy, gratitude, faith, bliss, meditation, grace


self-esteem, authenticity,
non-judgment, acceptance, understanding, dignity, respect, resilience, basic-trust, humility


synergy, empathy, interaction, collaboration, partnership, charisma, love, oneness

Performance Potential

The Performance Energy Profile Wheel was designed to create 9 Performance Energy profiles.

The 8 Hi Cs profiles show how much you are connected to each performance characteristic.

Every spoke on the wheel represents one of the Hi Cs. Each performance characteristic, when scaled, (1-10) is its own profile and reflects the amount of Performance Energy you have in that area.

The Octave is a profile of how much total, overall Performance Energy you are expressing and experiencing.

When you connect the Hi C dots, the Octave profile illustrates your Performance Energy balance as well as opportunities for growth.

And, as the prospect for improvement and learning emerges, on both a characteristic and Octave level…at a glance, you will see where you are in alignment or choose where you want to be.

Performance Energy Octave of Hi C Wheel Instructions

On a scale of 1 – 10 for each of the High Cs Performance Energy Characteristics
Circle the number that best represents how connected you are to that High C Performance Energy Characteristic

1 = not at all

10 = totally

Now draw a line that connects one circled number to another circled number to another circled number – so they are all connected.

Now, have some fun and “work”
The Performance Energy Profile Wheel.

It’s important to remember that that you are free to give your own meaning and definition to each of the performance characteristics on the Octave and add any new overtones to the list of existing overtones.

You have created 9 Performance Energy Profiles

What High C Performance Energy characteristic stands out for you?

What causes it to be meaningful?

Of the Octave of High C Performance Energy characteristics, which one would have the biggest impact on your performance potential?

What would be different if that number was one or two numbers higher?

What do you want to do to make that happen?

How can you achieve this today?

What was meaningful to you about your total Performance Energy profile?

What is stopping you from experiencing your performance potential?

How can you tap into your performance potential now?

How might you want to use the Wheel in the future?

In a Master Class…in a private coaching session…alone…not at all?

“Work” the Wheel: daily, weekly, monthly, etc.?

Focus on specific characteristics?

Focus on rebalancing your total expression and experience of Performance Energy?


I created Performance Potential Master Classes to empower performing artists from all ages
and stages of their careers to reach their full performance potential.

I welcome you to reach me by phone to talk with me directly about questions, thoughts and your participation in a Master Class. I will also respond by email, and you can learn more about me from my website.


Master Classes are either structured or customized. Ms. Kanefield offers three hour, all-day, and two-day structured classes, and designs weekly and full-year customized curriculum for individual performers and performing arts institutions, organizations etc.

Although the total size of each Master Class varies, all Master Classes are composed of a minimum of 12 performers. A performance Potential Master Class workbook is given to each member of every class. Each class includes the option of individual coaching and/or an assessment and a debriefing session.
Fees reflect Master Class selection as well as coaching and assessment options.
Testimonials upon request. 212-362-8815